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Founder, Author, Speaker, Editor

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After losing her mother at a very young age, Nicole Narvaez’ life changed overnight. The journey starts with a major tragedy and lands at an unexpected and successful future. As the book progresses, the reader will observe Nicole navigate multiple career changes, self-esteem battles, relationship struggles, and parenting issues.


While this book features the death of a loved one, profound loss comes in many forms. The question becomes, “What will you do after the rough times hit?” When you find yourself at a crossroads, will you decide to stay stuck where you are, or will you travel the path to leadership and abundance? 


Nicole’s message is clear: No matter where you start or your current station in life, you can push past it ALL to emerge victorious. Now Go Be Great!

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A book about Loss, Leadership, and Legacy

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Have you ever struggled with what to say when your boss asks you to do something outside of your job description?  Have you ever found yourself forgetting what you said in the heat of the moment at work?  Have you ever wanted to address work conditions but hesitated because “it’s not something we talk about”?


Here’s Your Script!  Keep Your Foot Out of Your Mouth and Your Butt Employed is a valuable resource that helps employees address many of the common situations faced in the workplace.  It is your blueprint for what to say in those critical moments that could be the difference between employment and unemployment.  Author Nicole Narvaez Manns, Professional in Human Resources, helps people hone their filter skills and still get their point across in many uncomfortable professional situations.

Here's Your Script!
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A book about Career Etiquette

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