Founder, Author, Speaker, Editor
Founder, Author, Speaker, Editor


With 25+ years of experience in both the Public and Private sectors, Nicole has seen a lot. She’s watched people tank their careers with one e-mail and others soar by seemingly doing very little...


Her message is clear: Attitude is THE KEY to career success and getting to the next level.


Nicole’s books and speaking engagements feature her approachable style and flair for telling a story with humor and candor.  She is the one you want to bring into your school, office, and conference to share tips and tricks on both starting a career on the right path and turning one around.


In addition to inviting her in for speaking engagements, Nicole is also the one you want to be your second set of eyes. She has a love of and acumen for strong verbal and written communication. She's been tapped many times for her superb wordsmithing skills, as well as her editing and proofing work.

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