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“Every graduate should have this book as their "go to" source for being a great employee!” by Linda Lafferty

I think this book should be a gift to every graduate going out into the job market. So much of it is simply common sense, but unfortunately, so many young people today lack common sense. It is so obvious that the author has tested the waters of many of these situations she talks about in her book. She's been around the block. I once had a manager of a huge retail store tell me her employees come to work with "blinders" on, and do not usually go over and above. I was purchasing an $800 food order each week for hungry children. If Brian was absent no one picked up the slack. The order would not be ready, and I had volunteers waiting to pack food bags. I loved the author's reference to the character Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. I'm always saying to my older friends (I'm 68) "Don't worry so much, be happy." Ms. Mann's reference to some employees being the scary troll under the bridge made me howl because I'm a former school librarian. I actually laughed aloud at many of her statements. When she writes about when to know if your company has hit the skids she says, "You just may find that the whole operation is going down in flames and unless you want to stop, drop, and roll, it might be time to make your exit." I chuckled because all I could think of was how we teach Kindergarten children about stop, drop and roll. The way the book is "laid out" makes for such an easy read. I certainly see me using some of Ms. Mann's tips in my daily life with family and friends. A MUST READ!   


“Must read for navigating the work place successfully!!!”

by SuperPattylynn

I found the book to be full of excellent practical information, I loved the straight to the point advice that is easy to understand and put into action. I have been in Call Center Management for over 25 years, in that time I have met a lot people in the beginning of there careers, so many of them were intelligent but did not know how to handle the corporate environment. Knowing what needs to be done is only half the battle in the work place, you must know how to professionally carry your self in order to be respected and get your ideas heard.  Nicole literally gives you the script!  


“Excellent!” by M. Walker

Here's Your Script!: Keep Your Foot out of Your Mouth and Your Button Employed has exceeded my expectations! With her savvy wit and experience, Ms. Manns has put together an essential guide to putting your best foot forward in even the most trying employment scenarios. Thank you for showing the proper ways to handle such a variety of issues that may arise. This book can be an asset to you, whether you're a seasoned professional or a recent high school grad! Highly recommended!  


“Confirmation for me straight from the author." FOR ME Sby CL

Here is a testimony for you & your book is connected to it as well. SORRY TO BE SO LENGTHY BUT I GOTTA SAY THIS. So...l have been praying about my job & asking God how to keep myself aligned in righteousness as I look for ways to improve my conduct and character at work. (No, I do NOT sound off or anything of that nature but who can't use some gentle reminders?) Then your books come in the mail (in perfect timing I must add). I read half of the book in my favorite room (l won't tell you where that is. ?). l get daily prayer emails, & l listen to Charles Stanley each morning though I don't always go in order of his sermons. I picked one called DRESSED FOR THE BATTLE. Nik, your book hit the reset button for me as your messages tied into what my spirit needed to be told with the sermon as well. You would think some things are common sense but we all need that recap every now and again. It was an easy read, I enjoyed it. This book also represents who Nicole is as a person-I remember her speaking to us at the Carnegie Library in East Liberty about this as well! (I didn't forget!) Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


“I read this book in pretty much one sitting because unlike other self-help books”

First of all , I give Ms. Mann's book two big thumbs up for a multitude of reasons! First, this book is a real page turner. I read this book in pretty much one sitting because unlike other self-help books, this is a fun read. The side stories and anecdotes are entertaining and many times just outright funny! Secondly, this is a real "common sense" book. There are no startling revelations made here. Just a common sense approach to various job situations with common sense, effective solutions. Often you will say to yourself, Why didn't I think of that myself? And lastly, as a retired manager in a law enforcement position, I supervised some of the most talented, brilliant people around. That being said, they all came with some personal “baggage". I would have made this book required reading for my staff because it could be the gateway between management and staff.


“Excellent Business Book” by MsHB3008

Nervous about how to approach your manager about a flexible schedule? Want a raise? Think it might be time to leave? Read this book. Ms. Manns provides clear, practical advice on how to have difficult but necessary work conversations. We have all been in situations where we didn't quite know what to say. This book literally gives you a script to start those interactions in a firm, positive, professional manner. Everyone from recent college graduates to long-time corporate employees can find useful assistance in this book. It's an easy read and well worth the time you'll spend with it. Very highly recommended!



This book contains all of the ingredients to help the reader achieve success and happiness in the work place. With a good mix of practicality and humor, Nicole Narvaez Manns introduces us to her employment experiences and equips us with the tools necessary to escape mediocrity, boredom and inferior wages. A MUST READ!!!


“Excellent” by Keisha M.

EXCELLENT...I swear every high school student,college grad,folks re-entering the workforce, unemployment office and staffing agency NEEDS this...P.S. Love the fact you incorporated the "social media" aspect in there, it was indeed NEEDED.  


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